Best Reading Spots in DC


By Molly Korroch

Greetings fellow book nerds!

While D.C. and the DMV area certainly have some lovely aspects–bookstores and libraries galore–sometimes what you really need is an escape. According to research, these are the best spots to dive into your current read and forget about life for a while. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect hiding spot for you:

For the outdoorsman

Curbed offers a list for the outdoorsman of readers. The weather is warming up, and if you enjoy donning a hat and reading on a bench somewhere then this list is for a reader like you.

For the caffeine addict 

Can’t enjoy a good book without a good cup of coffee? Look no further than this thorough list by Yelp. There is a coffee shop there for every preference.

For the cool kids

Refinery 29 offers a short yet complete list of snazzy reading locales in the DMV area. It includes local coffeeshops Tryst and Baked & Wired. If it’s on Refinery 29, you can be sure that someone with the latest RayBans or headphone technology will be in the vicinity.

For the hidden gems 

Ah, Reddit. The holy of holies as far as hidden gems. This list will provide you with everything you could possibly need to know about reading spots in the District and beyond. You just have to be willing to wade through some of the more ridiculous comments. But, that is the story and glory of Reddit.

For the student friendly

Georgetown University’s own student newspaper, The Hoya, brings us a list of D.C. reading spots specially curated for our city’s vast student population. The school library isn’t the only place to get your book on.

Photo via National Portrait Gallery 

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