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Beauty and the Books


By Angelica Cruz

Straight out of a fairytale, Georgetown’s Riggs library is exactly like a scene from Beauty and the Beast. Walking in is like looking at your fairytale dreams come to life.

John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown University along with The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs and the Pontifical Council for Culture hosted an event at Riggs library this past Friday Towards a New Economy: Justice, Culture and the Social Market.

As Georgetown students, we have the availability of attending all events hosted by the university including those at Riggs library. GU Book Crew took a trip to main campus to check out the event but mostly to see what the hype was about – and it was worth it.

As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the smell of old books and the sun shining through the windows. The books are climbing up the walls only held back by the rails. The spiral staircase is the only way to get to the books, but its closed. Nonetheless, it is beautiful.

General theme: None, but lets say its fairytale fantasy.

Time of our visit: Friday, 9am

Hours: unavailable – not open to the public 😦

A Brief History: From 1891 to 1970, Riggs Library was Georgetown’s main library. Financed by E. Francis Riggs of the Washington banking firm as a memorial to his late father and to his brother who had attended Georgetown. Riggs one of the few remaining cast iron libraries in the country. It’s used as a reception space and is still used as a library today (meaning you can still check out books as a student).

Food? No 😦

Wifi? Yes, but through the Georgetown wifi!

Drinks? No 😦

Events: Keep up with your GU emails because events are not listed nor public.

Why you should go here: Besides the fact that its beautiful, its historical!

If this place were a band: Beauty and the Beast – A Tale As Old As Times



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