The GU Book Crew

Hello! We’re the GU Book Crew. We are excited to share a love of good books and places to read them in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. We invite you to delve into our interviews, stories, and reviews. Don’t hesitate to say hello!


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JOEY PAYTON is a husband, father, military officer, wanna-be polymath and Georgetown University public relations graduate student whose thirst for knowledge drives him to be a lifetime learner. His super-power is sharing his knowledge with citizens to help them achieve their dreams. When he’s not sharing knowledge, he likes to retreat to his lair to re-energize by indulging on multiple books and documentaries at a time.

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ISABELLA BASCO is a first year graduate student at Georgetown University who always chose to read books over playing outside. She particularly enjoys reading memoirs with a warm latte in her hand. When she’s not found browsing the bookstores, she is shopping online, finding new blogs to read or exploring new restaurants.

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ANGELICA CRUZ is a first year graduate student at Georgetown University who loves all things media, politics, and music. She spends her free time exploring new cities and finding hidden gems throughout the DC area. If she’s not found reading at the National Mall, you can find her at Busboys and Poets enjoying an iced coffee and a good book.

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MOLLY KORROCH is a journalism graduate student at Georgetown University. Her parents once had to ground her from reading books because she wouldn’t clean her room. She loves to learn and is full of random trivia. (Did you know the majority of carrots used to be black and white until the Dutch bred them to be orange?) Her ideal afternoon is spent at a small coffee shop with her journal and a good book.